Junk Car Removal Edmonton

We deal into Scrap Car Disposal service in the Edmonton city. Our services include Junk car removal from your backyard; we are also interested in buying your junk cars for cash. You can get ready cash up for a vehicle irrespective of whether your car is working or not, is in single piece or not, the engine is alive or dead; we will tow away your car to the junk yard and will pay you for the vehicle on the spot...

Junk Car Removal in Edmonton
Scrap My Junk Car

Scrap My Junk Car

Our services are available round the clock, 24 x 7 and 365 days a year; helping you get rid of your junk vehicles any time of the year.

Cash for Cars Clunkers

Cash for Cars Clunkers

The services are available for picking up your car from the salvage yard as well. We do not charge anything extra for the service offered.

Auto Recycling Edmonton

Auto Recycling Edmonton

We claim ourselves as an expert in Edmonton junk removal services.

Scrap Yards Services in Edmonton

  • Local Scrap Yards Edmonton

    We have been doing this business of junk cars removal in Edmonton city since 1993, to serve the community getting rid of their unwanted scrap vehicles. We buy all kinds of junk small cars, big cars, trucks, SUV, etc, and they are taken to the authorized treatment facility in Edmonton city..

  • Vehicle Scrap Yards Edmonton

    This is where our services are required the most; if you are facing problem with your old junk car removal and want to buy a new one, call us at this spot for the pick-up service....

Call now to get the free tow away service and ready cash payment for your scrap car.

  • Find automobile recycling

    Automobile industry is rapidly changing; you will find every month new models, new features and technological advancements being made in the automobiles. These features are so comfortable for you that anyone will always want to keep up with the latest trend of vehicle in their house. But, it is not so easy to get your new car or vehicle, without sorting out the earlier one.
  • Junk cars removal service

    You will have to look for a junk cars removal service in your near area; the service provider must be trustworthy to pick up your car and can pay you cash on the sport for your junk car....